Maps (Journeys and becomings)

dimensions variable, 2009-2010

Each sheet is a unique kind of map, created from a juxtaposition of faces, children’s drawings and text: from different archives. I make a Xerox copy of an old photograph and then transfer the image using carbon paper on to regular paper. Black on black. I get a copy of a copy of a copy. In the process, faces, letters, somebody’s handwriting, they all become something of a map for me, a map I feel with my hand, with my being.

Journeying through this map we are engaged in what Deleuze would call a process of “becoming”, in this instance, of becoming another person. “A real voyage, by itself, lacks the force necessary to be reflected in the imagination; the imaginary voyage, by itself, does not have the force, as Proust says, to be verified in the real. This is why the imaginary and the real must be, rather, like two juxtaposable or superimposable parts of a single trajectory, two faces that ceaselessly interchange with one another, a mobile mirror”. (Gilles Deleuze, Critical and Clinical, Chapter IX What Children Say).