Tumbleweed (Rhizome)

Performative sculpture, painted steel, paint-marker, texts
diameter 2.5m, 2009

Photo: Roman Suslov
Courtesy Moscow Biennale Art Foundation

The National Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

This sphere resembles desert tumbleweed, or “flying grass,” as the Chinese call it.

After its fruits ripen, its surface breaks off from its root and, driven by the wind, flies like a ball, scattering seeds across the desert.

In Hebrew “MIDBAR,” the word for “desert,” has its root in “DaVaR” which means “word” or “conversation”. The desert is a space inhabited by words, where worlds are being revealed, where the Conversation takes place. The MIDBAR is a text.

I copy texts freehand. I go from letter to letter, where the line leads. And letters travel into me as they pass through my hand. I am a nomad, and I am a desert.

Traditional text is a ruled plane, with meanings moving along it in accordance with a clearly set route – left to right, or right to left, or top to bottom. I cut through this plane. Yet I do not ruin the text. I simply destroy the route. Words lose their roots both literally and metaphorically. Words break up into letters. A letter is a seed, a letter is an atom, a letter is a rhizome. They clash, intersect, a tactile contact emerges between them. There is an explosion. New worlds come into being. New connections are created. And so on unto eternity.

The following texts were used in this work:
Deleuze&Guattari “Introduction: Rhizome” from “A thousand Plateaus”, F.T. Marinetti “The Futurist Manifesto”, Joseph Kosuth “Art After Philosophy”, Sol Lewitt “Sentences on Conceptual Art”, Andrey Monastirsky “Kashirsky highway”, Marcel Duchamp “THE CREATIVE ACT”, YVES KLEIN, “THE CHELSEA HOTEL MANIFESTO”, Tristan Tzara “Dada Manifesto”, Isidore Isou “MANIFESTO OF LETTERIST POETRY”, Velimir Chlebnikov “Artists of the world!”, Kazimir Malevich “Suprematizm. 34 drawings”, “ספר יצירה” ( “Book of Creation”)