Every bullet you shoot at us turns into a letter

Installation: Video-poem, lead letters, handmade paper, handprinting
dimensions variable, 2014

The work includes quotes from Karl Marx’ “Civil war in France” (1871) translated into Yiddish. Quated according “Karl Marx. “Selected works in 5 volumes”, ed. I.B. Saluzky, NYC, 1919

Among the first protagonists of the popular revolution of 1848 against the Habsburg monarchy was the student Karl Heinrich Spitzer (1830-1848), who was killed on the barricades. He was hit by a bullet and died. According to the inventory record, the first Jewish Museum, founded by the Jewish community of Vienna in 1895 and the first of its kind in the world, was given the bullet that killed Spitzer by Adolf Hoffmann on November 18, 1897. The bullet disappeared after the museum was closed and its collectionconfiscated by the Gestapo in 1938. Our knowledge of this object is based exclusively on the entry in the inventory record.

Every bullet you shoot at us turns into a letter from Haim Sokol on Vimeo.