Cartesian portrait (Anamnesis)

18 glass pieses 30x30 cm each, color print on glass, wood, metall
200x150 сm, 2008

The National Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

The human organism consists of a veriety of chemicals, predominatly proteins,fats, and carbohydrates. In this work the artist attempts to create a human likeness as a combination of colors obtained as a result of appropriate bio-chemical reactions, each color corresponding to a certain chemical ( or its state). This approach to representation called “qualitatiму hyper-realism” is the most realistic of all since it permits the artist to relay, in the spirit of positivist science, only on the objective analysis of matter and thus reflect the external reality with maximal exactness. This is similar to the medical practice which relies on the analyses for the diagnosis and treatment of deseases ignoring the unscientific factors such as “soul”, “feelings”, “memorie”, etc.